1. What is an Event Volunteer?

From the 31 July 2022 to the 5 August 2022 the British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) is hosting the World Congress of Soil Science 2022 (WCSS22) on behalf of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) at the SEC in Glasgow. The Congress encompasses a range of activities including keynote addresses, workshops, symposia, an indoor exhibition hall, and educational activities. Our event volunteers will be working in these areas either onsite at the SEC or at the Glasgow Science Centre. In addition, during the summer of 2022, there will be tours, soil judging competitions, and an arts and outreach programme called ‘Our Living Soil’, you can also apply to volunteer for these events by completing one of our volunteer registration forms.

To deliver all aspects of the Congress, to an audience of upwards of 3,000 people, we need some help. Working alongside staff from our Congress Organisers, Speakeasy, the SEC, and other partner organisations, our volunteers will provide vital support to the Congress. In return for your help, you can expect access to some of the Congress programme, networking opportunities, skills development and training for your role, and a dedicated Congress Volunteers forum.

2. Role Details

Role Event Volunteer
Where Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow
When 31 July – 5 August, 4-5 hour shifts between 8am - 7pm
Minimum Commitment 4 hours
Suitable for These roles would be particularly suitable for active and enthusiastic individuals with a particular interest in soil science or land management policy
Not suitable for We cannot consider those under the age of 18
Training Role specific training will be provided before commencement of any tasks
Expenses Out of pocket expenses will not be paid. Volunteers who do not have arrangements in place with another funder, will be provided with a one-day delegate pass for the congress for each day they volunteer

3. What’s Involved

There are many aspects to being a event volunteer, and no two shifts are likely to be the same! You may be asked to be involved in a selection of any of the below activities. Preferences on which activities you would like to participate in will be taken on application, however, are not guaranteed.

  • Helping to prepare for events within the SEC, for example preparing materials, passing out papers, setting up displays and signage, locating key participants
  • Helping to clear up after activities; collecting materials, taking down signage and displays
  • Supporting the Speakeasy team on the registration stand – providing delegate badges and dealing with enquiries
  • Communication between locations within the SEC, locating individuals and delivering messages
  • Representing the World Congress and providing a warm welcome to delegates
  • Supporting the tours programme; directing people onto buses, taking registers, support for guides during tours, distributing materials
  • Gathering feedback from activities, conducting questionnaires
  • Supporting the BSSS team on their event stand – highlighting the benefits of membership to delegates
  • Manning the Congress shop and selling event merchandise, which may include alcohol.

4. The Benefits

There are many reasons you may choose to volunteer with us:

  • Access to the World Congress of Soil Science 2022. We will be offering access to the event programme for the day(s) you volunteer, so for example volunteering four hours on the morning of the 4 August gains you access to the full programme for the 4 August. Please note that to gain access to the full five-day Congress a minimum commitment of two hours per day (10 hours total) is required.
  • Increased opportunities for networking, both through attending the WCSS22 and through engagement with fellow volunteers and staff
  • Development of skills, for example communication skills
  • Dedicated WCSS22 forum for you to engage and socialize with your fellow volunteers
  • Gaining an inside understanding of current trends and movements within soil science.

5. Expectations

During any potential work you undertake with us, the below would be expected:

  • Behave with respect, consideration, and appreciation towards WCSS, BSSS and Speakeasy staff, delegates, supporters and fellow volunteers both on and offline
  • Act in a considerate and measured way, representing the WCSS22 in a positive manner throughout your volunteering, including on social media and in public
  • Undertake your role to the best of your abilities, as detailed in your task outline and feedback any concerns or need for further support you may require
  • Attend all inductions required
  • Attend training as appropriate
  • Contribute to the safe, positive environment of the WCSS22, including reporting any unsafe behaviors or concerns
  • Let us know of any change in personal contact details, including details for your emergency contacts (please see the enclosed form, or contact the office for a copy on wcss22@soils.org.uk)
  • Provide feedback on your role when requested to allow us to improve what we do, and the volunteer experience within the WCSS22
  • Provide as much notice as possible if you are unable to fulfil your volunteering commitment. Please note failure to attend may result in an immediate withdrawal of associated privileges, such as discounted admissions/ registration to the WCSS22.
  • Act as ambassadors for the WCSS22 and invite support for our cause where appropriate
  • Adhere to all WCSS22 policies and procedures.
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