Arts Programme

Newton Harrison Exhibition

Newton Harrison’s The Deep Wealth of this Nation, Scotland provides an ecological vision for how Scotland could become the first industrialised nation to give back more to the life web than it consumes. The vision draws out the five commons: soil, forestry, water, air and importantly the commons of mind -how we as a human population might reach agreement about principles for putting the health of ecosystems first. It offers a holistic vision and framework to draw together artists, scientists and citizens to explore the importance of soil the natural environment for mitigation and adaptation to collectively address the challenges we face.

Location: Exhibition area - Hall 4

Soil and Soul

Soil and Soul is a new project in Glasgow, led by Propagate in partnership with Open Jar Collective, North Light Arts and the British Society for Soil Science.

We worked with 7 community groups, explored our connection to soil, dipped into the history that's given us the soils we have today... and explored why soil matters to life on earth.

We met tardigrades, nematodes, and the humble worm, and discovered why mycelium matters. We got mulchy with compost and were amazed at the processes that produce our food. We created wormeries, compost bays, seed bombs and artworks from plants grown in different soils, exploring their myriad preferences and forms. We recorded participants’ feelings about soil during the workshops for a podcast. And we learned how the answer to stopping climate change might be right under our feet.  

Location: Exhibition area - Hall 4

Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert is an Artist who works with local soils. Doing observational painting using soil as a pigment and doing photographic prints developed from an old soil assaying technique that explores soil vitality.

Originally, he was drawn to soil as a protest. It represented something debased, dirty, and mundane. He enjoyed the challenge of making this valueless brown material into something valuable. But, as he continued to engage with soil it has shown him its beauty, complexity, communities and life sustaining potential.

He enjoys working collaboratively across disciplines. He also works in Social Sciences public involvement and engagement at Cardiff University

Location: Exhibition area - Hall 4

Scottish Potters Association

Founded in 1974, the Scottish Potters Association (SPA) is a charity which aims to promote all aspects of hand made pottery and ceramics in Scotland. Linking Scotland's geographically remote potters it offers a source of information and advice on everything connected to clay. We are delighted that they will be joining us to showcase some of their work.

Location: Exhibition area - Hall 4

We are Compost / Composting the We

In an age characterised by the crises of climate change and political upheaval, how can compost be used as a method for social transformation? 

The exhibition We Are Compost / Composting the We, taking place at the Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow from 29 July to 10 September 2022, guides visitors through three separate but entangled works that follow the cyclical processes of composting: first of knowledge, then materials and finally histories, to ask what new kinds of transformation are possible when we read, share, shred, till, test, plant and grow collectively with the land and its soils.  

The exhibition features the first UK showing of Asad Raza’s work Absorption, in which cultivators create and nurture 60 tonnes of artificial soil created from recycled and other waste materials. This neosoil is then offered freely to visitors to use for their own domestic and community projects. A research installation, Gaia Glossary, curated by Alexandra Toland and Lea Wittich brings together literature, resources, tools and objects encouraging a composting of knowledge into the soil for the growth of new ideas. Finally, an interactive installation by artist Désirée Coral follows her Colonial Seeds research with the Glasgow Seed Library, focusing on what we inherited from generations past to further understand what can be generated from what already exists and what we can do for the collective WE.

Location: Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow

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