PICO / Poster Presentation Guidelines

Physical PICO/Poster Guidelines

If you are attending the congress in person in Glasgow you must present a physical poster which will be displayed during your poster session. In addition to the physical poster, we encourage you to also upload a PDF of your poster and 5 minute pre-recorded video to the online portal. The online portal will be available 1 week prior to the congress and for 2 months post the congress so will allow all delegates to have the opportunity to view your work should they not have time to do so during the congress week. Please find below some further guidelines relating to this.

  • Poster boards are 2.5m tall by x 1m wide
  • Posters should be prepared as single poster and must be within the poster board range. We recommend A1 or A0 size
  • Posters must be printed and displayed portrait

Online PICO/Poster Presentation Guidelines

If you are not attending the congress in person, you will need to upload your poster to the online portal to be able to present this on the virtual platform. If you are having trouble with configuring your poster please use the template for online posters.

Please note, your poster must be in portrait pdf format and cannot exceed 10MB to be able to upload to the online portal.

Deadline to upload pico presentation to portal: 22 JULY 2022

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